Www metal dating

Any junk dealer will gladly take your old car batteries.Yes, they can be toxic if they aren’t disposed of properly, but they are still recyclable.You can find stainless steel in car parts, beer kegs, old water heaters, etc. In time, red copper will turn green from exposure to moisture, so be on the lookout for green metal, too.Copper is classified in several categories, but unless you’re a metal dealer you won’t know the difference. Brass Prices – Brass is distinctively yellow and is often used as a substitute for gold.When businesses want to get rid of unwieldy metal trash, they tend to want rid of it immediately and will even pay you a little bit to haul off their junk.This is a good way to pick up old hot water heaters, boilers, air conditioning units, and the like.If you can find a load of iron, you’re a lucky scrapper.

Companies throughout North America rely on Threadall Manufacturing for customized threading, bending, and concrete forming hardware and accessories.

Keep your eyes peeled on trash day and you could have money in your pocket before you know it.

If you call your local trash collection center you can figure out what day they pick up “bulk junk” from the roadside.

Scrap metal dealers are your first target — look them up in the phone-book Search under “scrap metal”, “scrap metal dealers”, “recycling”, etc.

Most of these dealers will buy any metal items like copper or iron, but they’re also interested in the more rare metals too.

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