Updating from windows 98 to windows xp dating hawaii girls

Like Windows XP, Vista will limp on for a good few years after that, but we doubt it will have anything like the same longevity.

Come 2020, we reckon Windows Vista will be all but forgotten.

Windows 10 may be a breath of fresh air compared to the version that came before, but not everyone is interested in what Microsoft has to offer this time round.

Even if you qualify for a free upgrade, you may be happy to hang on to Windows 7 or 8 — or even Vista or XP, if you’re a glutton for punishment…

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So if you do still use a Windows XP PC, there are three possible scenarios.The first (and perhaps least likely) is that it will continue to serve you well for the foreseeable future, with neither its hardware nor software causing much trouble.[Related story: Why are Windows XP users still clinging to the past] The second (and rather more likely) is that your PC will suffer a malware attack and, unable to fend it off, your data will be rendered unusable — if you’re lucky.If you insist on sticking to XP despite all these warnings, the least you can do is ensure your browser is semi-safe – we’ve got a full rundown here.Windows Vista was never popular and its market share is still minuscule.

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