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Adolescents reported on their habits, self-efficacy, eating at the television (TV), eating and watching TV together with parents, restrictive parenting practices, and the availability and accessibility of foods within the home.

Behavioural clustering was assessed using an observed over expected ratio (O/E).

Individual, behavioural, and social and physical home environmental correlates were differentially associated with behavioural clusters.

Correlates consistently associated with clusters included eating ED snacks while watching TV, eating at the TV with parents, and the availability and accessibility of ED snack foods within the home.

Correlates of clustered behaviours were examined using multivariate multinomial logistic regression.

Approximately 70% reported having two or three health risk behaviours.

The consequences of socialism vary based on their degree and kind, but they have similarities: high costs, resource waste, low growth.

Screen-time and eating behaviours are associated in adolescents, but few studies have examined the clustering of these health behaviours in this age group.

The theoretical apparatus is Rothbardian to the core, and its main contribution is to provide an organizing principle for understanding the structure of real-world economies as measured against pure types. This edition preserves the formatting from the original publisher, for reasons of citation.

Though it was published by a major academic publishing house, the visuals are not what they might have been.

I would say so, because this is probably one of the most thought provoking and insightful books I have ever read. Anything that isn't a pure free market is socialism? Your free to worship,be yourself, criticize your leaders, but soon it will all be over.

It and Bruce Benson's " Enterprise of Law" were the 2 main books which turned me to the logic and practice of Market Anarchy. Read this book, even if you only read the downloaded version (which has a very nice typeset which I would gladly purchase but alas is not sold). Then he would posit that monopolistic tendencies of major corporations are socialistic? A rather transparent treatise promulgated by big oil and big pharma. There are perverts & greedy people all over the globe. There is not ONE successful socialistic or communist country on the planet. Mao killed 70 million, Che 25 million Hitler 6 million,these men are all NUTS!

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