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The portrait has remained in the collection of the heirs of the sitter’s friends, the Duke and Duchess of Osuna, to the present day.

Goya’s portraits demonstrate his genius at capturing both a physical likeness and the character of the sitter, particularly notable in this painting in which the artist portrays the soberly dressed banker seated on a gilt wood chair upholstered in red silk.

As a young man he was invited by a family connection, Policarpo Saenz de Tejada, to join the newly founded Bank of San Carlos, the precursor of the Bank of Spain, founded by King Charles III in 1782.

Gil de Tejada was born in 1741 in Gallinero de Cameros, a mountainous area between the Navarrese city of Logrono and Soria in the the heart of the famed Rioja wine region.

Then you might question whether the two minutes was really significant, or whether your two fastest friends just got put in the pasta group randomly.

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1807); Francisco de Borja Tellez-Girón y Pimentel, X Duque de Osuna (1820); Pedro de Alcántara Telelz-Girón y Beaufort-Spontin, XI Duque de Osuna, XIV Duque de Infantado, XVI Marques de Santillana, Conde de Ampudia (1844); Mariano Tellez-Girón y Beaufort-Spontin, XII Duque de Osuna, XV Duque de Infantado, Marques de Santillana, Conde de Ampudia (1882); Andres Avelino de Arteaga y Silva, XVI Duque de Infantado, VII Marques de Valmediano, Marques de Santillana, Conde de Ampudia (1915); Joaquin de Arteaga y Echagüe, XVII Duque de Infantado, VII Marques de Valmediano, Marques de Santillana, Conde de Ampudia (d. Despite his age (he was sixty-seven), Pedro Gil de Tejada joined the uprising against the French occupation on the .

Error: Science is done by people, and people make mistakes, which is why scientists always include a statement of possible sources of error when they report the results of their experiments.

What if you didn’t specify anything about the content of the normal meals to your non-pasta-eating friends?

After the race, you might find out that some of your friends ate large amounts of other sources of carbohydrates, such as rice or bread.

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