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Hikvision do make OEM for some other companies but they're usually sold by 'proper' stores.

Obviously if something you find is ridiculously cheap it probably is fake or a scam.

Upon going into Remote Configuration for my Storage Server, I click Storage then General.

The drive that pops up is the drive I want video to save to, but it is saying that it is unformatted?

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You can still get them on Aliexpress, it's just that they won't be listed under a hikvision name, you will need to search by model number.Even though you have a dynamic IP address, it should have worked for now anyways while your IP hasn't changed.i have 8 cameras, and sometimes (one out of maybe 5-6 times) when i launch i VMS-4500 (android), the 1st camera doesnt play automatically (the other 7 are fine).I'm going to update the firmware and buy a new card in a day or two.Could it be interference from an electrical source?

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