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"It's just a number like any other but I gotta start having some kids, get married, start being sensible in my life." “He was very method in an amazingly impressive way,” Miller told ET.

Being encouraged to like or dislike, to celebrate or dismiss, immediately has grown into this acceptable level of just being brutal to each other, and saying things that you would never normally say in real life, and yet, the result is just as toxic to the recipient,” he explained.After a brief courtship of only a few weeks, they decided to kick caution to the wind and get hitched in a Las Vegas ceremony.They stayed married for three years, and it seems like it was not the best three years of their lives as the memories of the ordeal still make Hunnam wince.He was married previously to actress Katharine Towne, whom he met at a “Dawson’s Creek” audition. The pair eloped in Las Vegas in 1999 after knowing each other for only three weeks.

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