Air pressure dating sim

The main character of Air Pressure performs self-harm in what is expressed as him cutting, something alluded to early in the story as he says: That is skillful allusion that the game player wouldn’t get until the end of the game.You are being presented with a serious and personal topic in a manner that is familiar and common.You are being told she can be clingy but it is actually him fighting the urge to not harm himself for long periods of time.You are being told she tries to force her embrace but it is actually him dealing with something that he has faced since high school.

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Hi everyone, I have just added a simple air pressure feature to Blender cloth simulator, and spring length scaling factor, hope it will be useful for somebody See screenshots: blender262.3-3And there is a You Tube video demostrates this feature (warning, a bit outdated): but I'm afraid that new users can't post link...

Anyway, if you google "blender cloth pressure" then you can find my video easily...

Though what really should happen is the old files don't break on loading but simulate how they did before you added these changes i.e.

spring_length_scaling == 0 is the old behavior while spring_length_scaling 0 is the new fancy stuff.

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